A Look at the West U Neighborhood in Houston

There are about 150 different neighborhoods in Houston, each offering their own ambiance and appeal. Which is the best to call your own when you’re ready to buy a home? West U (or West University Place), while not an official neighborhood, is one that is worth a look if you want to be among the hottest zip codes in the city. This is a bustling neighborhood offering everything that a family could want or need for an amazing lifestyle. Established in 1924, the West U neighborhood has created ambiance in Houston Ever since.

The homes in the West U aren’t the typical homes that you see around the city. Instead, these 1920’s style stately-homes bring forth an English touch and appeal that will take you back in time. The lawns are well-manicured and the homes extravagant from every angle. And of course, West u homes are also pricey, but it is well-worth the expenditure if you can afford the spurge. You won’t find many places better to live in all of Houston.

In West U, neighbors know one another and love to get together with the kids for playdates, trips to Starbucks, and other fun. Schools in the area are constantly ranked among the best in the entire city, whether you have a small child or a high schooler, giving confidence that a good education is in the plans for your child.

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It is safe to say that the West U neighborhood has plenty to offer anyone who wants to reside in an upscale neighborhood with a sophisticated zip code.  Start a search for the best real estate agents near me and you can also find many great West U homes that you can buy and become a part of this quaint lifestyle.

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