What to Do if Your Building Fails Code

Code enforcements in Austin are designed to ensure that neighborhoods and buildings are safe and clean and to ensure maximum property values in the community. There are many acts that constitute a violation of the codes rules and these concerns cause code enforcement officials to take notice of your property. Repairing code violations can be downright complicated and expensive. What should you do if your property does not pass codes enforcement?

The first step to take when you’re found in violation of city codes is to contact the Code Enforcement office to learn more about the problems that were found to cause you to violate codes. You can contact them by phone or by email. If neither of these options provide satisfactory results, send a letter by mail. Request a second inspection after you’ve corrected the violation. Hopefully the violation was something minor that you can easily repair.

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If the second codes inspection does not result in the violation being cleared, the next step is to request a hearing with the homeowners’ association. There is a time limit in place for which a hearing can be requested so make sure you act in a timely manner.  When you attend the hearing, be sure to bring alone evidence that shows you are in compliance with the codes to the beat of your knowledge. You may want to bring along photos and inspector’s notes.

It is also a good idea to talk to a real estate attorney austin tx before this hearing. If you opt not to hire an attorney for the hearing, you will certainly need this legal expert there is the hearing is unsuccessful. You may need to sue to city or the homeowners association because of the codes violations, but need an attorney to make this happen.

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